Your Engineering+Consulting-Partner

Who we are

We have been working as computational engineers for more than 25 years and have used the finite element method (FEM) for engineering calculations, strength calculations and simulation throughout this time. We would also be happy to support you with our cross-industry experience in all structural mechanics tasks.

To perform calculations, simulations and visualisations, we use state-of-the-art FEM tools such as ANSYS in its latest version. The finite element method (FEM) is the universal and recognised tool in structural mechanics, yet there is no substitute for the experience of the engineer. This combination is precisely the strength of our team.

What we do

A technical system shows weaknesses, the production process comes to a standstill, the machinery is no longer profitable … There are many reasons to call in an engineering firm with many years of experience in FEM calculations. Our central theme is the optimisation of existing production processes. In the process, we also act in an advisory capacity in the run-up to the development of new machinery systems, define the tolerance ranges and develop solutions for sub-areas. You can find an overview of our main areas of activity here:

Where we do it

The focus is on the static and dynamic calculation, which we perform according to your project requirements. Our main focus is on the fields of wind energy, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, steel construction, mechanical and plant engineering and vehicle construction. We know the preferred materials and manufacturing processes in these industries and can also apply our knowledge to your projects in a targeted manner. We are happy to show you meaningful references.

We for you

Name your development goal, we will find the solution. No matter in which industry. Since the finite element method (FEM) is the state-of-the-art tool for many technical solutions, we are also prepared for your technical challenges. Especially when innovative solutions in the field of statics are required, k2 is the right contact.